Our Wine Cellars
Our entire wine production takes place in a building complex that consists of the Drachenkeller (1999) and the Löwenkeller (circa 1800). While the Drachenkeller primarily focuses on as gentle processing of the grapes as possible, the Löwenkeller is where we ferment our whites. In order to process the grapes as gently as possible, we attempt to reduce shearforces and pressure on the grape mass as much as possible. This keeps the trub to a minimum, allowing for controlled, clean fermentation.

During fermentation, we work mostly with selected yeast. On occasion we also use blends of yeast, also "wild yeasts”, in order to increase complexity. However, we experiment time and again with spontaneous fermentation, that is to say, with yeasts that occur naturally on the grapes. This was the case, for example, with our Gewürztraminer Hochwarth 2011, which was fermented spontaneously in an amphora. Most white wines ferment in a temperature range of ca. 18-20°C, while reds do so at around 28°C.

We place great store in the use of our barrique barrels, which are manufactured from Kapfenstein oak. For the last 20 years, the 80 ha of forest owned by our family have provided sufficient oak for us to age our wine in wood. We see this is as contributing to a very distinctive form of terroir.