Styrian Variety
When you take a look at the list of wines available at our winery, you can see that there are many different choices. In fact, over 25 wines are featured in different sizes of bottle and from different vintages. Aside from the various varieties, vineyards and approaches to maturation, you will also discover other products such as brandies, liqueurs and juices.
Organic Viniculture
With our 2012 vintage, we finally concluded a 3-year transition, with our first organic wines becoming available on March 1st 2013. But what exactly has changed?
For the benefit of the soil, we now only use organic forms of fertilization such as horse manure and composted harvest products, which have been allowed to decompose for a year and are then spread as needed in the vineyards.

Mowing is alternated between every other row in the vineyard, which leads to growth of a far higher diversity of plants with a variety of root systems and ground-dwelling creatures. Together with organic fertilization, this results in an improvement of the overall structure of the ground!

The goal is to strengthen the vines to make them more resistant to disease and bacterial infections. The vines are treated primarily with mixtures designed to strengthen the plants, incl. algae and common horsetail or orange oil and copper or sulphur. The antioxidants thus created in the plants, such as phenols, natural salicylic acid and ascorbic acid, also have very positive benefits for humans as free-radical scavengers. 

Three weather stations help us reduce our measures to protect the plants to a minimum. Their data provides a valuable addition to our daily time spent in the vineyards.

For us, organic is simply the only logical next step towards the ultimate in quality and a better life.
>>Christof Winkler-Hermaden<<