The Herz-Christi-Chapel (Sacred Hearth Jesus Chapel) on the ballon of Kapfenstein is property of the family Winkler-Hermaden. It was a donation from Helena von Lengheim and was built about 1700. The first proven indulgence was in the year 1703, the first mass licence was laid out in 1706. Therefore is this small chapel the first witness of the Sacred-Hearth-Jesus veneration in Styria.

From the year 1714, the chapel is used as daughter church of Trautmannsdorf, since 1779 as daughter church of Kapfenstein. The liturgical acts was stopped 1835 and the building was profaned 1891. But in the year 1963 after a drastic renovation was the chapel restored. The tomb for members of the castle owner's family under the chapel is still in use.

Since the construction time, only the building itself and the high altar is obtained. The chapel is a spacious rotunda with a central ridge turret. The last two bells from Karl Feltl from the year 1869 were drawn-in 1917 for the armament. The new bells were drawing up in the year 2001.

The baroque high altar shows a cross in the mid, the stylised hearth of Christi is arranged right under the Corpus Christi, flanked by the statues of the holy mother Maria on the one side and by Johannes on the other side. The Way of the Cross paintings from 1767are not conserved. The organ, which has nearly the same age, stand in the village chapel of Frutten since the year 1869.
Right before the altar the family tomb can be accessed by a floor opening. The construction of the tomb is similar to a krypta. There, brasses and sepultures from family member of the former castle owners of Kapfenstein can be found.

Abstract from the chronicles of the village Kapfenstein