The Cuisine of Martin Winkler-Hermaden

I am no vegetarian. I love a tender leg of veal as much as a crispy rotisserie chicken. Nonetheless, I would still assert that we all eat too much meat in general. Which explains why healthy culinary enjoyment is so close to my heart.
And that is why, more and more often, I work with nutritious grains and vegetables as well as natural “life products”. This gives birth to a new, creative imagination, a fascinating way to cook with an abundance of fun.

At a good restaurant, you expect top-quality food preparation, but beyond that, I see it as my obligation to use many more naturally nutritious and additive-free raw ingredients from ecological farms, with a special emphasis on regionality and seasonality.

I look forward to sharing my new, healthy and honest castle cuisine with you – for a delectable feel-good experience second to none.

Martin Winkler-Hermaden

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