Von Lengheim

Layout of the hotel room "von Lengheim" at Kapfenstein castle
Layout of the hotel room “von Lengheim” at Kapfenstein castle

Adam von Lengheim acquired Kapfenstein in 1584 from Hans von Weiseneck. The Counts von Lengheim remained owners of the castle for more than two centuries. At that time, the Kapfenstein reign included large estates in Kapfenstein, Mahrensdorf, Gutendorf, Windisch Kölldorf, Neustift, Höflach, etc. In 1799 Joachim Graf von Lengheim sold the castle to Doctor Johann Edlen von Sertenthal.

The chamber is located on the top floor of the castle cemetery. Via an external staircase and a wooden walk way you reach the first floor, via an inner staircase you continue to the second floor.
The combination of old furniture (Old German bed, Biedermeier desk….), with a modern bathroom separated only by frosted glass sliding doors and curtains in clear bright colours invite you to linger. Large balcony doors lead to the terrace, which extends over one side of the tower. From here you can see the surroundings as if from a bird’s-eye view with a panoramic view of about 270°.