Von Lengheim

Von Lengheim 9

Adam von Lengheim purchased Kapfenstein from Hans von Weiseneck in 1584. The Counts of Lengheim remained owners of the castle for two centuries. In those days, Kapfenstein also ruled over large landholdings in Kapfenstein, Mahrensdorf, Gutendorf, Windisch Kölldorf, Neustift, Höflach and more. In 1799, Joachim Graf von Lengheim sold the castle to Doctor Johann Edlen von Sertenthal. This room is located on the top floor of the castle keep. The first floor is reached up an exterior stairway and wooden walkways, with an interior staircase bringing you up to the second floor.

The combination of antique furniture (an old-German bed, Biedermeier desk….) and a modern bathroom separated only by frosted-glass sliding doors, along with curtains in clear, bright colours, invite you to while away hours of complete ease and comfort. Through big balcony doors you step out onto the terrace, which extends along one side of the tower. From here, you enjoy a 270° bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside.