Von Weißeneck

Von Weißeneck 11

Ritter Jörg von Weisseneck bought the castle in 1468. The family held ownership of the castle and its lands for over a century until, in 1584, Hans von Weisseneck sold the castle to Adam von Lengheim.

The room is reached via an exterior stairway and a wooden walkway. The room lies on the first floor of the castle keep, which was renovated in 2007. Small windows with bright curtains on three sides of the room give it a very warm atmosphere. Stylishly appointed with furniture from the Jugendstil to Biedermeier periods, with cosy corner seating and wooden flooring with beautiful rugs.

A bathroom with shower and bathtub, which is separated from the living area by a frosted-glass sliding door. The WC is separate from the bathroom.